It’s midterm at RISD, a point when I ask students to fill out a midterm “self-critique” to take the time to reflect upon their progress so far, and to also think ahead at what they might want to work on. Reading through the self-critiques is one of the highlights of the semester that I always look forward to, it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to hear what people are thinking.  Below are some excerpts from my freshman drawing class this semester.  You can also read an archive of past self-critiques here. 

“My excitement translates into a fearlessness.”
“There’s something about the class dynamic that makes a really wonderful environment where everyone is pushing each other to improve.  But, I never feel any sort of competition or mean-spiritedness, which is so cool.”
“Its been so rewarding to see the class’s collective improvement!”
“I’m scared when it comes to taking risks.”
“I guess I’ve realized how little I know.”
“Starting a drawing always feels like opening up this infinite floodgate because there are so many different directions to go.”
“There is such an exhilarating feeling when you over come fear; it is a liberation that inspires further creativity.”
“I think I came in with preconceived notions of what I was supposed do or what the drawings were supposed to look like.”


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