Eleven more

Self-Portrait No. 38

I put the finishing touches to Self-Portrait No. 38 today, which means that I have eleven to go until I hit fifty.  (No. 39 was already finished, I’ve been working out of order lately) There are still several re-dos to do after I hit fifty.

After doing many portraits which depict the extreme emotion, the next two portraits will show the aftermath of the experience; when the body has exhausted it’s physical limits.  I feel like I’m in an odd place right now; I’ve run out of Dura-Lar and my new shipment is about to come any day now.  I don’t really like being in a place where everything that can be done is done.  In general I purposefully leave things unfinished so that when I come back to work I can pick up the momentum again and easily pick up from where I left off.  So until that Dura-Lar arrives I’ll be taking a hiatus (hopefully a very short one).


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