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Studio View

I had twenty-five sheets of Dura-Lar arrive the other day, so it was wonderful to finally get back to work.  Between yesterday and today, I was able to complete the etching ink work on no. 40, 41, and 42 and on my redo of no. 7. My plan is to blast through the etching ink part of the process on as many pieces as possible.  The etching ink takes 1-2 weeks to dry, so it will be a little while before I can get into the drawings with the lithographic crayon and exacto knife.

I’ve also been trying to tell myself that the foundation of the drawing is actually in the vine charcoal drawing that is completed before the etching ink.  (I discussed a few posts back that the “meat” of the drawing really is in the etching ink work and that the lithographic crayon and exacto knife are just there for cosmetic additions. )The vine charcoal part of the drawing feels free and flexible, and I enjoy the confidence that I can place behind every line knowing that nothing at that stage is permanent.  I intentionally use only line with the vine charcoal; if I tone it actually makes it hard to apply the etching ink over it because the vine charcoal lifts so easily. I noticed especially today and yesterday that if things go well with the vine charcoal, they generally tend to go well with the etching ink.

Studio View

Studio View

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