Self-Portrait No. 42 (Detail)

I cranked out No. 42 this afternoon, again in about 2 hours like I did with No. 40 yesterday afternoon. This was a drawing that practically drew itself. I felt really good about the work with the etching ink, so with the exacto knife and lithographic crayon it felt like everything just fell into place.

I’ve definitely developed a procedure for working on the drawings: starting with the eyes, working my way down to the nose, then the mouth and some finishing touches to the hair. I hate to be so predictable in terms of the order I do things, but it creates a structure and work rhythm for me that is consistent. I know from previous experience and from today’s drawing especially that the eyes really carry the piece, so it makes sense for me to tackle them first, when I’m at my sharpest. This portrait in particular really needed to have an intense stare, a look to kill, empowering the figure.

Self-Portrait No. 42


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