Sculpture by Tony Janello

I was talking to Tony Janello yesterday, who is my former professor and who currently teaches in the Illustration department at RISD.  Tony creates these truly breathtaking paper mache sculptures that I’ve admired for many years now. He uses really mundane materials like elmer’s glue and paper towels to construct these incredible heads. They’re visually striking and represent truly deep, and dark emotional states.

Tony got me thinking about getting back into sculpture; I have an MFA in Sculpture, but you would never know it considering the kind of work that I’m doing right now.  After talking to him, I got all excited about sculpture again and immediately the first thought that jumped into my head was : 50 heads to accompany the 50 self-portraits.  Right now it’s just an idea I have floating around in my head, and I would have to do some serious experimentation to see where to go, but the idea to me is thrilling.  You can see more of Tony’s work on his website at

In other news, I finished up no. 41 in about 2.5 hours this afternoon. Not counting the redos, I only have eight more portraits!

Self-Portrait No. 41 (Detail)

Self-Portrait No. 41

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