Final Self-critiques

I wrapped up final reviews at RISD today, and spent part of the day reading through everyone’s final self-crit. The final self-crit is a form that I ask students to fill out in order to take the time to reflect upon their experience this semester. Below are some excerpts.

“I had never done thumbnail drawings before, but now it’s hard to start a project without them.”
“I’ve learned that for me, more of the work should take place in the beginning stages of a project.”
“Persistence, excitement, commitment, and exploration all act as agents that define a piece”
“My peers too made this experience incredible. Due to the high expectations we collectively felt invested and that was invaluable.”
“I have also learned that sometimes what you think is the end of a project is really just the beginning of another.”
“I hope to never peak, instead making my greatest piece right before I die. That would be cool.”
“I learned that drawing is in fact marks on a page, and more than that they are meaningful marks on a page.”
“I can always try harder.”
“I have learned that when developing a piece, you have to be invested from the get-go.”
“Art is unstable and risky, emotional and personal, and without all of these elements there is no connection between the piece and its creator.”
“And, as always, I want to do better.”
“As far as weaknesses go, this class exposed them all.”

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