Studio Views

This week is entirely dedicated to my studio work, the first time in many months that I’ve had a substantial chunk of uninterrupted time. It’s wonderful to “relax” this way, it gives me time to breathe and think about the work in a way that I simply can’t manage to do when the semester is in full swing. When I have a full day in the studio, I like to mix up the various tasks so that I’m not stuck doing one action all day long.  It sounds like a contradiction, but breaking things up helps me focus better.

Below is a redo of No. 10; it’s a completely new expression, but to me the portraits still retains some similarities to the first version. I found this one really challenging because there is simply no distortion of the face involved here, it’s in many ways the most “beautiful” expression in the entire series. The more contorted the face is, the “easier” it is to manage.  I found the forehead to be especially difficult simply because it’s just so undefined as a form. There are no wrinkles to structure the form, so I’m left with a large form that allows for very little definition.

Studio Views

Below is the original version of No. 10:

Self-Portrait No. 10


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