Studio View

I’ve been working on a lot of the redos this week, with varying degrees of success.

Self-Portrait No. 1, version 2 Self-Portrait No. 1, version 1

This redo of No. 1(above left) is probably the most dramatic; when I was working on this first portrait I had no idea what I was doing in terms of technique, and I feel like I absolutely butchered the form, overworked the surface, and completely lost any sense of gesture.  As a result, any redo was destined to be better no matter what.  The redo is done from a different photograph, of nearly the same expression, so it does also help that I had a better reference photograph.

Self-Portrait No. 8, version 2 Self-Portrait No. 8

This redo of No. 8(above left) is done from the exact same photograph as version 1 . While I think the redo is better than version 1, there are too many things that bother me about the redo for me to accept it.  I think the reference photograph wasn’t great to begin with, and it really shows in this case.  This portrait is getting scrapped and going to be replaced with an entirely new image.

Self-Portrait No. 21 Self-Portrait No. 21, version 2

I scrapped this original image of No. 21; (above left)  the reference photograph that I was using was lousy, and the facial expression doesn’t really work either. I think the redo on the above right is a significant improvement.
Studio View

(above) redo of No. 10 in progress.


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