Studio View

(above) No. 49

Today was a frustrating day in the studio. I had just barely enough etching ink left to begin work on No. 49, but afterwards couldn’t start any new pieces because I was out of etching ink. I worked on the exacto knife and lithographic crayon portion of No. 44, but was struggling because small sections of the portrait weren’t entirely dry. I forced myself to get through the piece and finish it. The other portraits I have  in the studio weren’t nearly dry enough to work on, so I had to stop there. Generally speaking I’m pretty good about having everything organized so that I don’t get myself into these standstills, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case today.

I generally see full days in the studio to be a complete luxury that I have to relish every moment of, so it kills me when I find myself watching the clock as I work. I kept trying to refocus by thinking to myself “form, structure, gesture”, but I spent the majority of the day in a state of distraction.

Self-Portrait No. 44

(above) No. 44

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