New ink

Studio View

I worked on No. 47 (below) and a redo of No. 37 (above) today.  I currently have 5 portraits in progress and have 4 more to begin. It’s interesting how the smallest change in your materials or approach can affect your process and force you to adapt: I ran out of etching ink and opened a new can of ink yesterday. The new can has ink that is much runnier than what I had earlier so, yet at the same time once it touches the surface of the Dura-Lar it is pretty stiff and tacky. So I’ve been spending time today getting used to this subtle change. At one point I tried latex gloves, (instead of nitrile gloves) thinking that they would be more comfortable to wear, but instead it turned out that the latex gloves were actually too smooth and I couldn’t get a “grip” on the ink the way I could with the nitrile gloves.  I guess after working on a long series you get used to things being a certain way, and when anything changes it feels like a big deal.

Studio View


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