Studio View

I found out yesterday that I will be having two simultaneous solo exhibitions in March: “Sinking” will be at the Hillel Gallery Project at Brown University, and “Descent” will be at the Herter Gallery at University of Massachusetts Amherst. I had originally thought with the Hillel show to simply fit whatever I could into the space, knowing that all 50 wouldn’t fit and that it would be okay if I didn’t have exactly 50 portraits completely finished at that point.  This UMass show changes that all: I have to have 50 portraits finished by March now in order to have enough work to fill both galleries. I know that everything will get done in time, but I have to really buckle down and focus like never before.

Studio View

With this new development I’m trying not to put pressure on myself as I work. In fact, today I was attempting to not think at all, to keep my mind completely empty and solely focused on the technical process of creating.   I’m now down to the wire: I have 2 more portraits to begin, and 7 in progress, so it’s hard not to keep thinking about being done.

Self-Portrait No. 49 (Detail)

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