The End

Studio View

Self-Portrait No. 22, redo (above)

I’m moving along with these pieces: I started No. 22, finished No. 49, and worked on details of No. 6. However, I have to confront and admit to the fact that I’m starting to get impatient with the series and am starting to think more about being finished than the actual drawing process itself.  All day today I spent a lot of my time reminding myself that I have to stay on task, be focused, and not dream of being finished. I think in some ways at this point this is inevitable: Looking on the walls today there are only seven portraits to go, (with the possibility of one more redo, but I’m still thinking about it) which means that the end is very near. I guess when you’re in the beginning or in the middle of the series there’s just so much work that you don’t even dream of being finished because the end is so far away. Right now the end is so close I can smell it.

Self-Portrait No. 49

Self-Portrait No. 49 (above)

Self-Portrait No. 6 (Detail)

Self-Portrait No. 6, redo (above)

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