Medium Forms

Studio View

I worked on more of the heads, this time trying to focus on defining the medium forms since the larger forms were already blocked in. One thing that was an enormous difference this time around is I had the plastilene head that I sculpted last week as a reference, and it was incredibly helpful in terms of figuring out how to organize the forms. The plastilene head is essentially a “3D photograph” that I will continue to use. I’m still trying to get used to only being able to add form, it’s making me a little crazy since I’m so used to being able to work reductively. This new approach is forcing me to completely re-configure my sculpting approach.

I had some pieces that just needed huge slabs of form cut off, so I took one head that was just way too wide, and took a saw and cut off the sides. Sawing through the cardboard and paper mache was awkward though, and I don’t forsee that as being a process that I want to use in the future-better to have a more accurate structure from the get go. In general almost all of the experiments I’ve done so far are way to wide and overbuilt in the lower section of the head, so today I tried building one that was much skinnier and more elliptical than what I have done up until this point.

I spent the rest of the afternoon photographing details from all fifty portraits. Extremely tedious, but absolutely necessary for the catalog that I will be publishing for both exhibitions.

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