Gallery Models

Studio Views

Today I worked on foamcore models of the two galleries to figure out the order and arrangement of the pieces in advance.  There will likely be a few tweaks here and there once I’m physically in the galleries,  but this process allows me to get a more overall view of the entire body of work.  There are so many pieces that it just wouldn’t be practical to be making these kinds of decisions with the actual pieces themselves.

The most important decision I had to make was whether I would mix up the pieces or keep them in their sequence.  There are essentially three stages in this project: the calm before the storm, the eruption of extreme emotion, and the aftermath. In the end I decided to mix up the pieces, the rationale being that I would have more control over the way the compositions interacted on the walls in terms of how they look. In many of the pieces the eyes and/or face are pointed in a really specific connection and I wanted to be able to control how that would flow on the wall.

The exhibitions are opening very soon!  I’ve been doing a lot of publicity for the show, this week with postcards, emails, and social networking. You can also RSVP to the opening of the Brown/RISD Hillel exhibition here.

Studio Views

(above) Brown/RISD Hillel Gallery model

Studio Views

(above) Herter Gallery model

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