“Sinking” Opening reception

Opening reception

Last night I had the opening reception for my solo exhibition “Sinking” at the Brown/RISD Hillel Gallery.  The crowd was a great mix of current and former students and many of my colleagues from RISD. I couldn’t have been happier with the turnout.  I even had a bunch of students who I taught in the RISD Pre-College program many years ago attend the reception!  So it was wonderful to touch base again with everyone, and talk to them about the work. Thanks also to my terrific TA Jackie Ferrentino for shooting all of the reception photographs throughout the night!

Like the opening reception I had at UMass Amherst, people were very curious about my materials, drawing surface, technique, and drawing process.  In terms of subject matter, it was a similar situation where people didn’t really approach me to talk about the content much, although I did have one woman tell me that she experienced depression too and was moved by the work.  I suppose it’s easier to openly discuss the topics of depression and anxiety if you yourself have experienced it.  I also had a binder at the opening with my Art New England article where Lois Tarlow interviews me about the work and covers a lot about the content of the pieces, so I’m hoping that people had the opportunity to read more about the content there.

Opening reception

Opening reception

Opening reception

Opening reception

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