I continued work on the head above, experimenting with carving away at the paper clay, and also modeling and adding the paper clay. So far I’ve been noticing that things have gone better if you work in layers so that you add/carve/add/carve, etc. in the process. It’s very slow though, and I’m not used to having to wait this long to be able to build a simple form. I’ve been talking about paper mache techniques and experimentation a lot with Tony Janello, and he’s definitely warned me of how slow this process of paper mache can be.  I’ll keep experimenting on this head, but  I think I’m ready to move onto an experiment that reflects the eventual over life size scale that I ultimately want to be working at. I actually think working on a small head like I am now is harder than on the scale I’ll be working at.

My experiments with  ClaycreteCelluClay, and Fast Mache the other day didn’t go anywhere. My hope was to use these materials to build up form so that I could carve away at the form through a reductive process. Unfortunately, none of the three materials could be carved into, they were simply too rough and completely resisted the knife. The Claycrete in particular was just awful, not only did it retain the consistency of cottage cheese, but when it dried it had this weird bouncy texture when you touched it which was so unappealing.


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