More Doubt

Studio Views

Today I added Claycrete and Celluclay to the surface of the head, trying to get the form closer to where I want it to be. This time around I used less water in my Celluclay mixture to make the clay a little stiffer and stronger, which helped when I applied it to the surface of the head. I was able to construct much larger forms like the nose and chin more easily.

I have even more doubt settling into my mind today with this technique, but I’m determined to see this one head through as my final experiment. I’m also telling myself that even if this head doesn’t work out, that it can serve as good filler for my wire head armature if I move to clay and plaster. At least that way there’s a back up plan for the head and I know that my time isn’t being wasted.

Studio Views


2 thoughts on “More Doubt

  1. Have you tried drywall mud? It offers similar working qualities to the materials that you have been using, without some of the limitations. It can easily be worked add/sub.

    I made some fiber and mud prototypes, silicone molds, and then cast pieces in sugar, soap, and concrete for my Cleanse Your Palate series. The series was much smaller than the scale you are working, but if your internal support can handle the weight of plaster, drywall mud could be a fun option.

    Thank you for sharing your process.

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