Studio View

I give up.  When I came into my office this morning I found the head on the floor, it must have fallen from the weight of the Claycrete that I placed on the forehead area yesterday. As much as I believe in trying new things and taking risks with what I’m doing, I also know when to admit defeat. From the experience I have working with the material, I don’t feel it’s worth the frustration that I’m feeling with the sculpting process. It occurred to me yesterday how unpleasant all of my working sessions have been since I started working with the paper mache.  I haven’t been excited or looked forward to working on the head, a sure sign that it’s time to move on.  The whole time I kept looking at the head I sculpted out of plastilene (on the right in the photo above) and remembering that I sculpted it in just 2 hours, with a degree of subtlety in the form that just wasn’t remotely possible with the paper mache. So that’s it, today I’ll start ordering clay and other materials to begin these clay heads next week.

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