I had a great conversation with Tony Janello today, who teaches in the Illustration Department at RISD, and who was also my former professor many years ago. Tony has been working on these extraordinary heads, using paper mache and wax.  He gave me these two heads today so I could investigate his process further and get a better sense for how he constructs these heads.  Although both of these pieces are still in progress, they still have a striking presence to them which is powerful and deeply emotional with their contorted forms and expressions. I’m constantly in complete awe of the work.

His technical process is remarkably inventive; the head seen below is constructed out of cardboard coffee cup holders, cardboard tubes from paper towels, and sonotubes.  He’s been trouble shooting and experimenting with paper mache for many years now, and it’s amazing the kinds of results he’s able to get with such low end materials. The head above is a wax piece that was cast from an alginate mold. As a result of our conversation, my head is now spinning with all of the different possibilities, and it’s possible I might give paper mache (yet another) shot.


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