Photo References

In today’s session I started to get more detailed with the forms and began to work on a specific expression, as opposed to just working from the reference head like I did yesterday. I have photographs I shot of Marianna which will be my primary reference for making these sculptures. The photographs are shot with natural light, which is softer and more subtle than artificial light and thus shows form more clearly. Even so, it’s still challenging to work from photographs. When I was working on the 50 drawings I was at least going from 2D to 2D; going from 2D to 3D is a pretty big leap in terms of how you think about form.  This is new territory for me in terms of sculpture; in the past I worked either from direct observation or entirely out of my head, so I’m a little nervous about using the photographs this time around. I’m feeling pretty good about the progress I made today, it seems like the expression is starting to emerge well from the clay. It’s bothering me a little that I’m not able to work on the hair or ears but I don’t have references for those right now so it will have to wait until my next photo session with Marianna.


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