This weekend I realized that something is not quite right with the way I’m approaching these heads.  The first signal was when I started to think about what I was going to do with the ears and the hair, I completely lost interest, and all I could think about was a way that I could avoid those areas. The second aspect that I couldn’t get away from is I feel like I’m simply creating three-dimensional models of the photo references, right now there isn’t a lot of creativity or conceptual thought involved in the process.  I kept looking at my in progress shots of the head, and the more I looked at it, the more I hated the way things were going.

I started looking at the wax head that Tony Janello gave me a few weeks ago again, and it occurred to me how much I loved the textured edges of the piece, and the fact that the image was a fragment of a face rather than a complete head. I started thinking about fragments, and perhaps concentrating on parts of the facial expression that were the most important or intense for any given expression. Another thought was to completely do away with any sculpture stand or wall, and to suspend these fragments from the ceiling, an idea which is really appealing to me for many reasons.


Immediately I started making the connection to fragments of ancient sculptures, and what fascinating objects they are. The cracks and edges to me are just as beautiful as the sculpted areas. I also started thinking about the moldmaking process, and how I could get that to interact with the form. I’ve always been in love with the way molds look; sometimes they’re more captivating than the sculptures themselves, and I would really like to incorporate the molds into the final pieces.




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