First cast

Studio Views

(above) Painting on the first layer of plaster. The plaster mixture has laundry bluing in it so that you can tell the difference between the cast and the mold later on in the chipping out process.

I had the entire morning to work on the waste mold, I always make sure that I have several hours when I start the casting process because once you start, it’s hard to stop. As much as I was trying to avoid casting, I have to say that I really do enjoy the process a lot.  I like that it takes intense focus and concentration to do it right, and I like the challenge of being as thorough and efficient as possible with the mold and the cast. I try to keep the mold and cast  thin but very strong and consistent at the same time.

Studio Views

(above) Adding a second, much thicker layer of plaster to the mold. Adding this second layer is always very satisfying.  I use a butter knife to apply the plaster and its very similar to frosting a cake.

Studio Views

(above) The entire mold completed.

Studio Views

(above) The mold removed from the clay sculpture.  I love looking at the mold, I think it’s just as beautiful as the piece itself.

Studio Views

(above) painting the interior of the mold to create the cast.  After this first layer of plaster, the cast is also backed up with sheets of burlap dipped in plaster to allow for a hollow cast.

Studio Views

(above) The cast is revealed by chipping off the mold.

Studio Views

(above) The final plaster cast. I know that I did a good job because I didn’t have to repair the cast at all!


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