Relief Format

Studio Views

I finished up the details on the other eye today, which completes this second portrait. Already I feel like I’ve learned a lot since the first portrait.  I haven’t sculpted in several years now, so I was feeling rusty and a little out of it when I was working on the first portrait. I feel like I accomplished a lot more in terms of details with this piece, the forms are more assertive and I think I achieved a sense of tension on the form that wasn’t as present in the first portrait.

Now that I’ve decided that the face is the only part of the head I’m interested in, I’m going to abandon this armature for the third portrait and just work on the face so that it’s a relief. A relief is simple enough that I don’t even think I’ll need an armature underneath the face which will certainly simplify things. I can also skip the waste mold process and create a silicone rubber mold directly from the clay piece.

Studio Views


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