Second Cast

Studio Views

I cast my second piece today, which always makes me feel productive. This time around the form was very flat compared to the first piece I cast, so it was a breeze to work on. Even though I’m working consistently on the project, I still feel shaky about where I’m going. I think due to the complications with the technical process of sculpture, and how time consuming it can be, it’s going to be a long while before I figure out entirely how to proceed. I think the next step is to make a silicone rubber mold so that I can start experimenting with different kinds of materials.

The other task I took care of today is I took apart the large clay head that I had been using so that I could transition to a relief format for the next few pieces.

Studio Views

One thought on “Second Cast

  1. Very Excellent. Somewhat like the 1700’s wood sculptor Messershmit. (Probably spelled wrong)Anyway this is good art.

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