Mother Mold

Studio View

I had the entire afternoon today to begin work on the mother molds for both pieces. After covering the piece with clay to form what will eventually become the silicone mold, I was ready to place plaster on top to form the mother mold. The mother molds went pretty quickly, so I decided to pour the rubber.  That’s when I forgot a key trick that I used to do all the time: (of course I remembered it after it was too late!) to prevent the rubber from leaking, I usually poured a small amount of silicone into the mother mold first, allowed it to cure, which “sealed” the mold. I didn’t do this today, and I ended up with a lot of silicone leaking out of the mother mold. I managed to get it under control, but then I ran out of silicone. I’ll have to order more tomorrow, which means it will likely be a few days before I can finish these molds.

Studio View

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