Thursday Spotlight: JooHee Yoon

Tell us about your background.
I have always been scribbling and making things. I ended up attending the Rhode Island School of Design majoring in illustration.
Name some people, artists, artistic genres, etc. that have been influential in your work.
I greatly enjoy European poster design and fashion illustration from the early 1900s. A big part of this is because I am fascinated by the printing processes, such as lithography, that were used to mass produce these images. I also like looking at medieval art for its bizarre depiction of space, people and animals. For specific artists, at the moment I admire the works of Max Beckman, George Grosz and Henri Rousseau.
Where and how do you get your ideas?
My ideas can come from all over the place. I constantly observe my surroundings, listen and read in order to fuel my imagination. As to how I get my ideas I am not completely sure. I constantly think about things and put everything down on paper.
What materials do you work with? Describe your technical processes.
I have been working with various printmaking techniques over the past couple of years. Currently I have been doing lots of linocuts and screen printing but my process is constantly changing, due partly to limitations in space and equipment. For my pieces I first make lots of very lose thumbnails and once I see something I like I start to organize the composition and sketch in details using tracing paper. Then I transfer the image on linoleum and carve and print by hand using a barren.
What do you find to be the most challenging part of being creative? What is the best part of being creative?
The most challenging part of being creative is coming up with an interesting idea. For me the concept is the most important aspect as it provides the foundation for everything else. Another challenge is creating work that not only fulfills the requirements of a given project but also satisfies myself. The best part of being creative is that I get to create whole worlds based on my imaginings.
What advice would you give to someone seeking advice about being an artist?
Don’t do it unless you are completely committed to your work and willing to go all out.

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