Final Crit

Right now is an odd time of year: Wellesley is done,  and I just finished up my final crits at RISD this week. It feels like some kind of strange limbo because I’m trying to wrap up the school year, but at the same time I need to be preparing for summer school and also doing some work to prepare for the fall.  In terms of my own work, I’m trying to get organized; I found out recently that I received two faculty grants from RISD and so I’m trying to figure out what materials I can purchase with the grant to sustain me over the next year. My schedule is quite open until summer school starts in June, so there’s also a flexibility in my days that I’m generally not accustomed to having. It’s a relief to have the time and space, but it also demands that I stay focused so that I’m not tempted to allow my mind to wander.

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