Over the past two weeks, I’ve spent many hours doing nothing but thinking about my project.  It’s a little excruciating to just sit and think about the conceptual aspects of the work, but I think it’s necessary at the stage that I’m at. I don’t think it would do me much good to be active in the studio when I’m still questioning what the work is actually about.

I’ve come to the realization that although this new sculpture work is still about my anxiety and depression that it’s no longer the same project as “Falling.”  “Falling” was about expressing the pure raw emotion of depression, and I think now that those emotions are out there I am ready to move onto something different.

What I’ve recently become interested in is the idea of hiding. I isolate myself by hiding from other people. I’ve hidden my depression and anxiety for most of my life. It’s these layers of hiding that I want to express in this new project.  So how does one portray the act of hiding?

I like the idea of using lighting to make the sculpture more theatrical.  An idea I came up with yesterday would be a pitch black gallery where the faces would be installed. Visitors would be given a flashlight to enter the space, which they would wander in and discover the hidden faces with the flashlights.   What do you think?

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