More thinking

I’m still thinking. It makes me feel extraordinarily unproductive, but I want to feel like I’m on more solid ground before I become active again in the studio.  My summer teaching frees up quite a bit next week so my plan is to just keep thinking for now and to resume studio work later next week.

I’ve realized today that I don’t think I’m interested in having the sculpture be the final state for these new pieces. I toyed last week with the idea of a pitch black room with sculptures hidden inside, but when I actually set it up and lit the sculptures, the experience wasn’t really that exciting and mostly the sculpture was really hard to see.  Instead, I’m thinking about shooting photographs of the sculpture and creating digital images from there.  This is a technique that my former RISD professor Tony Janello uses, and the more I think about it, the more I like the flexibility this would allow. For example, I could sculpt the faces life size, but blow them up dramatically for the final prints. I could print the digital prints onto transparent surfaces and play with transparency. I could play with lighting endlessly with the photographs and crop like there’s no tomorrow.  The possibilities are dizzying, which is exactly what attracts me to this process. Best of all, I would never have to actually finish a sculpture to full completion, rather it would be a continuous process of visual manipulation of the sculpture. I feel like it would be incredibly liberating from the confinements of the sculpture that I think I’m suffering from right now.

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