Digital experiment

I knew it was a good sign when I got up this morning and couldn’t wait to get into the studio, the first time in many weeks that I’ve genuinely had such a strong impulse. Since my creative crisis, all I did was try to find excuses/ways to avoid the studio; it was really unsettling to witness. Having uninterrupted chunks of time to work in the studio is incredibly precious when you’re an artist, so it was even more unnerving for me because the summer is supposed to be one of the few periods during the year when I have this kind of time to dedicate to my artwork.

Last night I started playing around with lighting and digital media, making some very crude digital sketches in Photoshop. These images still have a very long way to go, but I’m truly excited about the possibilities.  I’m finally thinking with clarity and focus, and feeling good and positive about where things are going.

Digital experiment

I can’t tell right now whether I like the simplicity of the single portrait, (above) or if the double exposure image (below) has more potential.  I think the double exposure image may communicate the idea of an emotional mask better. What do you think?

Digital experiment


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