On a roll

Studio View

I’m on a total creative high right now, I’m feeling extremely industrious, motivated, and driven to work on all of my various projects.  I set up an Etsy shop for my fine arts work (I have another Etsy shop for my Dollies project) yesterday, and I’m getting excited about where that could take me. It’s perfect timing too, because I’m heading into a long stretch of several weeks of uninterrupted studio time before school starts in September. I’ve even been having trouble sleeping at night because my mind is racing about the work and what I’ll get to work on the next day.  What a contrast from my creative crisis that I experienced in June!

Yesterday I started to model some new faces.  I’ve been busy casting and making molds, so it’s been a while since I’ve done any clay modeling.  This time I’m experimenting with modeling in plastilene clay instead of ceramic clay. There are many advantages to the plastilene (such as not having to keep the clay wrapped and moist with water)  that I figured it was worth a try.  This time around I’m also sculpting the faces life size, as opposed to over life size which is what I was doing before. It’s a big relief to not have to sculpt everything so large, as I know that I can play with scale once I photograph and print the work. The other difference is I’m not working from photographs anymore, instead I’m working directly from my own drawings and from my head, a process that I think is going to be very liberating and more conducive to creativity.

Studio View

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