Multiple stages

Studio View

The plastilene seems to be working out really well, much better than I had anticipated.  As much as I miss sculpting in water clay, the advantages of the plastilene really can’t be beat in this circumstance. Very fine details are also easier to do in the plastilene because in general it’s a stiffer clay, so I’m having an easier time with areas like wrinkles and skin. Not having to worry about keeping the clay moist all the time is also a burden I’m glad to be rid of.

The other advantage of making these pieces smaller is I can have several pieces going at the same time.  I’m going to try to work it out so that at any given moment, I have pieces going at every stage of the process: clay modeling, moldmaking, casting, and photography/digital imaging.  I find if I can break up my day so that I get to do a little bit of each stage, it varies up the tasks I have to do.


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