New Etsy Shop

I’ve opened an Etsy shop for my fine arts work! In the past I’ve had the occasional inquiry about purchasing my work from my website, but for some reason in the past week I had two people purchase works, so I felt inspired to make it easier for people to purchase pieces.  I already have an Etsy shop set up for my Dollies project, so it was super easy for me to set up another shop. Right now the shop is full of small scale drawings and intaglio drypoint prints, although in the future I’m going to have a few higher end pieces.  The shop also has many pieces which aren’t on my website, so it provides some insight into my older work.

It’s always an interesting process to revisit your old work.  As I was going through my various portfolios of prints and drawings, it was startling how distant I felt from the work.  You almost feel like someone else made the pieces because it was so many years ago since you created it. In my experience you either end up cringing at the work or realizing that the work actually was surprisingly pretty good!

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