Studio View

Although I feel like I’m now on solid ground in terms of what I’m trying to achieve, I still consider parts of my process to be on “probation” for now. The plastilene is still a big experiment for me, and I’m still curious to know how my modeling in plastilene will translate when cast in beeswax. If it doesn’t get the results I’m looking for, I know that I can always go back to ceramic clay which will definitely give me the results I want.  Then the other part of me thinks that if the ceramic clay is a sure thing, why not just go with that? I think because there are enough advantages to working with the plastilene that I think it’s worth a try. Then at least I can tell myself that I gave it a shot and don’t have to feel like I was missing out on something.

Studio View

Another factor that’s on probation is whether or not to carve out the pupils of the eyes. I’ve always felt that pupils occupy an awkward place in sculpture; either you carve them out to make them visible, or they’re left out entirely and therefore have strong associations with many ancient Greek and Roman busts. In the piece above, I carved out the eyes just to see how that might translate into the beeswax. It might end up looking odd, but it’s another circumstance where I just won’t know until I actually realize it.

Studio View

Studio View

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