Curator/Gallery Director/Artist

Installation: "Transformations"

(above) An image from the exhibition “Transformations” that I curated at the Jewett Art Gallery in 2009. I’m second from the left.

I primarily identify myself  as a working artist, but I’ve been fortunate enough to assume roles on the “other side of the fence”.  While I was the Director of the Jewett Art Gallery at Wellesley College for four years, I directed the gallery and was able to curate a few professional art exhibitions, two of which included the exhibitions ”Transformations” and “Primordial.”  (click on the links to see more information about these exhibitions) It’s been so interesting and informative to have been the artist, the gallery director, and curator. All three of these experiences have definitely given me perspective on all three roles and their relationships with each other. I feel that I have a good sense of the broader picture, and how these three roles can inform and support each other in a positive way.

So naturally, I’ve been having a lot of fun creating my own treasuries on Etsy lately.  For those of you who don’t know, an Etsy treasury is where you curate pieces from other people’s shops into a collection that is based on some kind of theme. Compared to the huge challenges that come with organizing and curating an actual exhibition like the ones mentioned above, curating an Etsy treasury is like getting to play with tinker toys: it’s really easy to do, very low maintenance, and very fun and addictive. Some of my most recent Etsy treasuries include “Moonlight“, “Dew Drops“, “Dandelions”. View my treasuries today and leave a comment to let me know what you think! You can see all of my Etsy treasuries here.

A photograph by Etsy photographer oohprettyshiny, featured in my “Dew Drops” treasury.


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