I have a new woodcut print available in my Etsy shop! In the process of weeding through all of my old work, I’ve been revisiting old memories about each individual work.  Some pieces are a complete blur and I almost can’t remember even making them, whereas others stand out in an incredibly vivid manner. This woodcut, “Wandering” was definitely a landmark piece for me in terms of my creative process.  I did the print back in 2003, in my second year of graduate school. I had just started experimenting with woodcut, and this was the by far the largest (22″ x 36″) and most ambitious piece that I had attempted at that point. I remember so clearly that I had just gone to this tiny little shop in New York City called Tools for Working Wood to purchase these new Ashley Iles chisels that my graduate advisor, John Jacobsmeyer had recommended.  This place was one of those shops that could only exist in New York City, super specialized and focused in what they offered. The tools were expensive, but they completely revolutionized my experience with woodcut and this woodcut was the result of that. It was one of those perfect creative moments where everything carved like butter, I remember feeling so assertive and confident that I could stand behind every mark I put on the page. To this day, this is still one of my favorite woodcuts that I’ve done.


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