Studio View

I’m starting to have some doubts about the plastilene, especially in terms of the final stages of the modeling. With ceramic clay, I use brushes a lot in the final stages to smooth out the form and to work on the slightest nuances in the form. In the past I’ve tried safflower oil to smooth out plastilene, but it never really works as well as it does with the water clay. I’m worrying that my forms are lacking the organic kind of flow that I want them to possess in the plastilene. Above is a plastilene head in progress.

I made the mother molds for two of heads today, which means that after pouring the rubber tomorrow I’ll be able to open the molds and cast this Friday. These two heads were made from plastilene, so I’m going to see how they cast in beeswax and then make a final determination about whether to work in plastilene or ceramic clay. Although I have a clear sense of my goals, I’m still very much in the experimentation phase, trying to figure out exactly what is going to work out technically speaking.



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