Studio View

I had a really productive day in the studio, I was able to start modeling two new faces in clay, open up two molds, cast two pieces in beeswax, and do some photography and Photoshop work. It was one of those days where there were so many tasks to take care of , and I got into a good working rhythm because of it.  I go a little stir crazy in the studio if I only have one task to do all day. This is how I would like to have my studio days balanced over the next few weeks if I can manage to time everything well.

I cast the piece below in beeswax and lit it from above and from below.  I’m very pleased with these two digital images, they have a fleshy quality in the form that I’m looking to achieve.

Digital experiment

Digital experiment

This second piece below I’m not as thrilled with.  I think the form is a little stiff. I’m trying to be very tough on myself this time about what pieces I will “accept” into the project. So far I’ve made molds for and cast five pieces, and yet only two of them fit the high standard of quality that I want for this project.

Digital experiment

The rest of the day was spent getting started modeling some clay pieces, as seen below.

Studio View

Studio View


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