Gallery Possibilities

Digital experiment

Now that I’m creating digital pieces, I’ve been trying to brainstorm what the eventual end product will be if presented in a gallery situation.  The one aspect that I’m sure of is that I want the images to be very large-the bigger, the better.  It seems to me that I have a few options to explore right now:

1) Create large scale digital prints that could be framed and matted. I don’t really like this option very much because printing/framing on the scale that I want would be obscenely expensive.

2) Have each image be projected on a digital projector on the wall, this would easily allow for the image to be extremely large.

3) Have each image on a large scale screen. I like this option, for some reason digital images always look better on screens than when they are projected.

4) Create an animated piece of each image emerging very slowly in and out of the darkness that would loop on a screen or be projected. My husband is an animator, so I’m going to get his help to give this option a try.

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