Leather Hard Clay

Studio View

The last time I worked on these ceramic clay faces, I purposefully didn’t wrap them in wet flannel (standard practice to keep a clay sculpture moist) so that they could dry out to the “leather hard” stage. And sure enough, when I went to sculpt today the clay had a nice firmness to it which was really great for carving out details.  The last time I worked on these faces the clay was just too soft and I was having trouble getting into the smaller areas. For the most part, I sculpt reductively, when I work additively I feel too clumsy and out of control. The only time that I focus on working additively is the very beginning of a sculpture when you’re just trying to block in the major forms.  Once that’s established I switch to an almost reductive process.

Digital Experiment

I also reshot this face above today; I wasn’t happy with the last image I shot of this face so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it another try. I do think this version is better than the last image, but I’m still a little on the fence on whether I will “accept” it into the final pieces.  I also decided today that I don’t want to carve out the pupils afterall.  The last face I cast had carved out pupils and I feel like in the photograph it just ended up looking cheesy.


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