Studio View

I think I’ve finally figured out a procedure for making these faces that’s going to be practical and efficient. I hate to be so unromantic about the creative process, but for me especially I need a really solid structure to work within or my head spins from feeling disorganized.  If I mix 10 oz. of the silicone that that’s enough to put on the first layer of rubber for three faces. So for this reason, it makes sense to work on modeling three faces in clay at the same time, while having three other faces that are going through the moldmaking/casting process. I find it’s helpful to be jumping between sculptures because I frequently get tired of looking at one sculpture for too long, so when I want to take a break I can just leap to the next piece and come back to the other piece later. This nicely splits up my day into1)  moldmaking/casting, 2) clay modeling, and 3) photography/digital work, 4) blogging-exactly the variety of tasks that I like to have when I have the luxury of being in the studio all day.

I also re-photographed this face below.  The first images of this piece that I shot a few weeks ago looked flat and didn’t highlight the form the way I had been hoping for. I think this one is more dimensional and fleshy.

Digital Experiment

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