Jean Carries

Thanks to Smidgeon Press, I was able to find the piece above by Jean Carries. As many of you know, I’ve been referencing Franz Xaver Messerschmidt’s character heads a lot for this project, and it’s great to find another source to look at. Carries seems to have a looser, more gestural style in than Messerschmidt, and I particularly like the way he handled the exaggeration in the mouth area, the forms underneath the mouth are really expressive and strong.

I had a really productive day in the studio: I made three mother molds and poured the second layer of rubber in the morning.  I’ll pour the final layer of rubber on Monday, and be able to open the molds and cast on Tuesday. It ended up being very efficient to make all three molds at the same time, that way I always had something to do when I was waiting for the plaster to set.

Studio View

I then spent the rest of the afternoon modeling the next three portraits. Some of the clay was a little too soft for details still, so I’m going to let them dry out a little over the weekend so that they’re leather hard when I come back on Monday. I’m also feeling really good about my decision to work with ceramic clay instead of the plastilene. Because the clay is so much softer and faster to work with, I’m able to think more gesturally and spontaneously and overall my pace is significantly faster. Looking ahead at the fall, this speed will be vital to my ability to get things accomplished.  In the fall, I’ll be limited to 2 hours chunks of time because of my schedule, and I’m trying to logistically figure out how to achieve all of these tasks in this structure.

Studio View

Studio View

Studio View


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