Studio View

I poured my final layer of rubber this morning, which means that tomorrow I get to open the molds and cast. Even though I’ve never messed it up, I always have apprehension the night before I open the molds that I mixed the rubber wrong and that the rubber won’t cure. Opening the molds is always really exciting, the casting part of the process is even more fun, and then lighting/photographing the pieces and watching them come to life is that magic moment in my process that I live for.

The clay modeling is going really well too, I’m pretty excited about the piece above, and the piece below is coming along quite nicely. It’s also going very quickly, in fact I think I spend more time casting the piece than I do actually modeling it! I have this one tool that I’ve become quite obsessed with (seen in the photo above) that is really great for carving out the small details, as well as the medium forms. In general, I tend to limit myself to as few tools as possible. I know a lot of sculptors who get really into having all sorts of expensive/fancy tools, but I’ve found many of those tools to not be that useful, or to be a distraction. My favorite tool for casting is a metal butter knife. They sell all sorts of fancy plaster spatulas out there, but nothing works as well as my boring old butter knife for casting.

Studio View

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