New Equipment

Studio View

While I’m having a lot of fun lighting/shooting/manipulating these digital images, I’m now facing the fact that these digital images are merely sketches and not the actual final product. It’s become clear that I’m now going to have to invest in a new camera to get better quality, higher resolution images. Regardless of what format I choose for the final project (projection, print, screen, etc.) I will have to have better quality photographs. The digital images I have right now are good references, but most of them up close are too grainy to be blown up on a large scale. Photography is one of the few areas of the fine arts that I never studied in school, and it’s moments like these that I wish I had taken a basic photo class to learn the fundamentals.

On another unrelated note, I’m starting to get worried about storage for the molds and casts that are now beginning to accumulate. Without a real studio, do I even dare think about what it would be like with fifty molds & casts? This is one of those logistical complications that comes along with sculpture that I really hate dealing with.

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