Studio View

I got to work right away this morning opening up three molds and getting ready to cast. Now that I have several molds under my belt, I’m gaining more confidence in the process and becoming more efficient at the same time.  The casting went really well today, no major problems with the casts.  The last time I saw the sculpture technician he explained to me that it was important to keep the wax really really hot so that the layers would melt and fuse together when painted into the mold, which is something I wasn’t being as careful about before.  This time around I kept going back to the wax pot for fresh hot wax and the results were great.

I’ve noticed with the photographs that I’m now leaning towards images that have more subtle lighting and are a little less dramatic than what I was doing even just a few weeks ago. I think the softer lighting reveals the form better.

Digital Experiment

Digital Experiment

Digital Experiment

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