Back to Work

Studio View

I’m back to work today after taking two weeks off. I only have next week to work before school starts up again, so I’m thinking that I will have time to make three more faces during that time. Once school is in session, I’ll have to rethink how I manage my time, as I’ll only have three mornings each week to work.

One really huge time saver is I’ve been saving the clay faces after casting them; they come out of the silicone mold with very little damage, so it’s basically like getting the clay version back after casting. Instead of starting a new face from scratch, I’ve been reworking the old clay faces so I can take advantage of the essential forms being there from the get go. It’s amazing how much faster everything goes:  I worked the face in the above photo in about two hours. The one challenge has been finding a way to keep the clay moist. The clay is significantly harder, well past the leather hard stage which makes it tougher to work gesturally.

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