Studio View

I moved along with the clay modeling remarkably fast today, I was able to finish modeling on all three faces this afternoon! I guess that’s the difference between starting a face from scratch and starting with a face that is already modeled.  Essentially, I’m starting the work with a face that is already 60% finished.

I’m feeling pretty solid about this work, every time I go away for a long period I always worry that I won’t be able to get back into the work or that I won’t be as interested or excited as I was before. That was no problem at all this week, and if anything I’m feeling more confident that I have a technical process and routine that is going to prove to be effective over the next few months. Once schools starts up, I immediately find it tougher to focus, so having a really specific plan for what I want to do in  place is really good.

Studio View

Studio View

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