Middle Stage

Studio view

For me there are three stages of modeling in clay for these faces:  1) the largest forms and the initial gesture, 2) dealing with and articulating the medium forms and 3) working with the surface of the clay. Out of these three stages, I enjoy the first stage the most, as it feels like the piece is percolating with potential and I love knocking in essential forms.  It’s so clear what you need to accomplish, and there’s a looseness to the modeling process that is really enjoyable. The middle stage, what I worked on today, can be the most critical because that’s the stage where you have to deal with analyzing, deconstructing, and subdividing the large forms into medium ones and small ones.  You can’t get away with anything in this stage, all of the forms have to be clarified, and related to each other. I find this middle stage can very much make or break a piece.  The third stage is rather mindless, and therefore easy and predictable for that reason.

Studio view

Studio view

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