Installation at Babson College

I spent the morning installing work for my solo exhibition at the Hollister Gallery at Babson college with gallery director and artist-in-residence Danielle Krcmar. Below is a write up about the exhibition:

“Webster’s definition of a self-portrait is “a portrait of oneself done by oneself”. In her newest work, Plunge: self-portraits, rather than portray her own physical likeness, Lieu began the series by photographing an actress enacting her own remembered internal states of depression and anxiety. The resultant photographs were the basis for a series of 50 drawings done with Litho crayon and etching ink on 3ft x 4ft DuraLar. The drawings embody a powerful physicality in their use of material; the rich black etching ink is tacky where it has been layered thickly but leaves fine lined traces in the sanded surface where it has been wiped away, while fine white crosshatching has been scratched into the surface of the translucent Duralar. Lieu describes this physicality as reinforcing the intensity of the subject’s emotions; at turns terrified, enraged, crushed, or even calm, as they cycle through the depression’s timelines.”

The exhibition will feature seven self-portrait drawings from “Falling”, and opens next Wednesday, Sept. 5, 5-7pm. You can RSVP on Facebook here. Hope to see you there!


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