Slow Progress

Digital Experiment

My new schedule only allows for two hour sessions three times a week in the studio. I’ve had to divide up my tasks so that they fit into two hour sessions. This has made casting slow, as there are multiple stages of the process, and some stages where you have to stop before moving onto the next stage. So I was thrilled to be able to cast three new pieces and shoot images last night. It was extraordinarily satisfying, and made me feel like I was back on track.

At this point, I’ve completed nineteen faces. Looking at all of the pieces together, I’m already noticing a fairly obvious learning curve. (at least to me it’s obvious) I think the earlier faces that I worked on were stiffer, and less fleshy looking. The lighting was also much starker and more dramatic.  I’ve definitely shifted towards lighting that is more subtle and that shows the form better. I still have thirty more faces to complete, so I’m excited to see where things will end up.

Digital Experiment

Digital Experiment

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